Mother Of Two drinks sperm to cure Corona virus

A mother-of-two believes that drinking smoothies with a shot of sperm have helped to boost her immune system and is helping prevent...

Shocking reasons why most ladies loves wearing waist beads

Waist beads are often worn by mostly African women and it holds positive fascination for many. The beautiful stream of color combining...

Shocking Analysis reveals how sperm cures pimples on ladies

It is a puzzling topic whether, sperm cells which are active and essential agents of reproduction, also posses abilities that covers the...

Weird things about Nigerians that’s not common anywhere else in the world

There are a dozen things the average Nigerian considers weird that are absolutely normal in many other countries. Here...

How to reveal romantic feelings of your spouse

You can reveal the romantic feelings of anyone by just their language style: Psychologist James has spent years studying function words, which...

The Hidden secrets behind bekinis and why ladies loves it more today

Although bikinis are now all the craze, worn by most women beachgoers, bikinis were once extremely controversial. And looked...

Watch video of Mysterious animal caught inside sea looking like a human

The sea is home to Soo many animals and mammals. Example of such animals are Whales, dolphins, porpoises, walruses, manatees, dugongs, seals,...

Gorgeous lady shares her experience how she was molested by police

It was on my way to my company’s end of the year party. It was late at night and...

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