Ghanian lady teaches ladies new s£x style called covid-19 position (video)


Finest Ghanaian broadcaster who doubles as relationship and $£x coach, Akumaa Mama Zimbi has stormed social media with a new $£x style known as covid-19 $£x position.

Since the spike of the deadly virus, mankind has been introduced to a different life which most people feel uncomfortable adapting.

According to research, one of the simplest ways the virus can be contracted is through body contact. In this case, the introduction of social distancing must be applied.

Many may ask, can there be social distancing during lovemaking? Well, Akumaa Mama Zimbi who is well experienced in $£xual activities has answered the multi-billion dollar question of many.

In a video sighted online, the journalist said that covid-19 shouldn’t hinder couples from having good times for themselves in bed.

Hence, she introduced a new $£x style called covid-19 $£x position. With this style, the lady is supposed to bend down while the man stands right direct behind her back with one leg up.


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