6 easy ways to make your girlfriend loves you more… What most guys doesn’t know


When it comes to the issue of relationship a lot of guys get confuse on how to approach the lady they have a crush on, most of the times even when they are friends with the lady they do not know how to voice out their feeling for fear of rejection. The question that always come to their mind whenever they see the lady is “will she accept? ” “What if she doesn’t like me? “, this article will give you some guidelines on how to get that beautiful lady that has been on your mind for a very long time.

Love is very critical and at the same time a very simple issue, the amount of time you put into it will determine the level of good result you will get. Ladies are not as difficult as they seem, behind all those classy dresses and painted face, there is a sweet beautiful heart that is crying to be loved.

After you might have sighted the lady you desire, you can do a brief introduction, make it as quickly as possible but make sure you are relaxed, you can wait for the third meeting before asking her for her digits, that’s when you start executing your plans.

1. Jokes: Whenever you are together make sure you tell a lot of jokes, make sure you are not telling lame jokes, just nice jokes you got from the internet or from your office. Allow her to laugh, once a Lady begins to laugh whenever she is with you she will be more relaxed.

2. Compliment: Don’t ever hesitate to tell her she looks beautiful, whenever you see her always drop a compliment, tell her about how she has the perfect nose, all those things will boost her self confidence and will become very free around you.

3. Attention: Devote some time to her, whenever you are with her just give her your full attention, don’t start picking different calls from your phones whenever you both are together.

4. Financial Assistance: Help is something that cannot be forgotten easily, even if she doesn’t mention it or she doesn’t ask you directly, you can request for her account details and credit it, even if its something little it will be appreciated.


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