2023 Election: meet two APC top leaders set to defect to PDP over Jonathan returns


In the interests of politics, politicians defect from one party to another. For as long as that party continues to favor its interest, a politician will remain in a party only as long as there is a change of interest, defection becomes their next move.

A typical example is Atiku Abubakar: in the run – up to the 2015 presidential election, he was a member of the All Progressive People’s Party (APC), even challenged for the APC presidential ticket, but lost in the primaries to President Muhammadu Buhari, then defected to the PDP People’s Democratic Party, where he finally won the presidential primaries to become the PDP presidential candidate for the PDP.

His interest at the time was to become the APC presidential candidate, and he defected to the PDP, which was aligned with his interest, when it did not pull through. For nearly all politicians, the story is the same.

For every politician, 2023 is a big political year and the political party to which they belong will determine their political career by a long shot for the next four years after 2023, which is why the news of politicians defecting from one party to another is already rampant.

I strongly believe that before 2023, some current APC politicians are likely to defect to the PDP because they are already slowly losing political influence in APC, and they would not want things to stay that way until 2023. They’re here:

  1. Adams Oshiomole:

Oshiomole is arguably one of the biggest politicians, especially in the south, but since his political influence in APC has declined since he was disavowed from his position as APC chairman, his influence has declined as he rooted and lost against Godwin Obaseki in the last Edo state governorship elections.

Aside from that, Oshiomole is still a political juggernaut in Nigeria, and he is one of the top politicians expected to run for the presidency in 2023, and his likely destination will be the PDP to prevent his political career from running into the mud.

Therefore before 2023, Oshiomole will probably defect to the PDP to save his political career and also to pursue any other political agenda he has.

  1. Rochas Okorocha:

Okorocha has faced a lot of backslash, particularly in the southeast, from top APC chieftains. His influence has declined massively, just like Oshiomole, and things are not looking good for him at the moment, even with the current Imo state governor.

In the run – up to the 2015 presidential election, Okorocha tried his shot at running for president a few times, even contesting for the APC presidential primaries, but lost to President Muhammadu Buhari.

In the Southeast, Okorocha is also a top political juggernaut, and since his chances of winning the APC presidential ticket look slim, he will most likely fail to improve his political career and pursue other agendas before 2023 with the PDP.


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