OMG: Man caught having sxx with a mad woman in an uncompleted building


We Just received a very shocking pictures from A Reader the pictures clearly showed a man who was making love to a Mentally deranged woman we can verify hundred percent that the woman in the video was obviously a mad woman but what we cant verify is exactly were this ungodly incident took place.

But According to the Reader who sent in the pictures The incident happened in Nigeria but he refused to disclose exactly which state it happened, according to him he and his friends where hearing mourns from an uncompleted building and when they approached it to find out what was going on inside they caught this man pants down making love to a mad woman so they snapped them for some minutes before they burst their escapades.

The pictures he sent to us depicts everything he claimed except for the fact that it had no sound, so we couldnt authoritatively confirm for ourselves.
According to him he feels the Guy might have been doing this for Rituals popularly called Yahoo Plus… We decided to delete the video see Photos from the video below…


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