Trump rejoice as Election officials announced a recount … Details


Election Officials in Georgia have  announced a recount on Friday after the Presidential race was almost over. Georgia secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger said ballots will undergo a recount .

. This is sad and bad news for Joe Biden and his entire supporters as they do not know what will happen next.

Joe Biden had shocked Donald Trump by overwhelming major accomplishments and Biden’s camp began celebrating as things appear.

These festivities may also be shortened after Georgia’s sad news. As Larry Madowo has written, Georgia announced that the presidential elections will be shielded.

The Georgian secretary of state said he had not witnessed widespread irregularities, but was investigating any claims, he tweeted Larry Madowo. He also announced that the presidential elections would include a recount.

See tweet below:

This could be a serious fear in the camp of Joe Biden, so that if the nation has chosen to pursue the accusations made by Donald Trump and decide to initiate the entire procedure.


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