Elections in the United States: Joe Biden heads to the White House and Donald Trump launches an aggressive judicial offensive


After elections to pure vertigo, with a participation record And with no official result yet, Democrat Joe Biden secured his chance as future president of the United States on Wednesday, while Republican Donald Trump launched a judicial offensive in three highly contested states.

It was a night with roller coaster sensations. When the votes began to be counted, the mogul achieved resounding victories in Florida and Ohio and had an advantage over others. A “red wave” was coming (the Republican color) that the polls had not predicted.

But Biden asked to wait for all votes to be counted because he was confident that those who had been issued by mail – people from urban centers, wary of the coronavirus – would be favorable. So it was. At 3 in the morning (5 in Argentina), another “Hello blue” (the Democratic color) of votes and Key states like Wisconsin and Michigan turned around. The Trump advantage also narrowed in Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina.

Trump started to twitch already report fraud. He said, without providing any concrete proof, that the Democratic votes “appeared surprisingly” and that he was going to go to court for a recount or to stop the count.

He also retweeted an article that spoke of outrages at a Detroit polling place. Meanwhile, Biden asked for patience and exuded confidence that he was going to win.

This year there was a participation record (projected to be 66%), which surpassed Barack Obama in 2008. And Biden became the most voted candidate in history, with 71 million votes.

Unlike previous elections, states had to face a flood of votes by mail because 100 million people decided to anticipate it for fear of contagion or incidents at the polling stations.

A Clark County poll worker scans mail-in ballots at the Elections Department, north of Las Vegas, Nevada. AFP photo

Having lost in Arizona and when the chances of reaching 270 voters, the magic number to win, disappeared, the president’s campaign called for a recount in Wisconsin (where he lost by 21,000 votes) and suspend the count in Michigan y Pennsylvania because their delegates were not allowed to get closer than 7.6 meters from the place.

According to local media projections, Biden has already won in Wisconsin and Michigan and thus they had managed to rebuild “the blue wall” in those states that the Democrats had lost in 2016.

The distance was very small in Georgia, who had not voted Democrat since 1992, and where much of Atlanta was missing.

Trump has the upper hand in Pennsylvania, but the mail-in votes had yet to be counted, most of them from Philadelphia and surroundings, a very democratic area. If he wins there, in Georgia and in Nevada, he could get to the White House, but his path is more complicated.

Around midnight in Argentina, in several states they worked at full speed to count ballots. The final result could be delayed because even the votes of Americans abroad are counted.

For now, none of the candidates reached the 270 electoral votes required to get to the White House. But Biden’s wins on Wednesday left him with 264, according to the AP’s estimate, which means he’s one state – any state – away from reaching the threshold to become president-elect.

Very careful in his words, Biden appeared with his running mate Kamala Harris and avoided declaring himself the winner. However, he said he was optimistic that he would achieve victory when all the votes were counted.

“I will rule like a US president.”Biden said, calling for national unity. “There will be no red or blue states once we win. It will only be the United States of America ”, he added.

Democrats celebrate having regained states of the “rust belt”, the deindustrialized belt of the Midwest, and have managed to win in Wisconsin and Michigan, territories that they had lost in 2016 by the Trump promises to workers in the region, especially white men without university studies, a sector that was fundamental in their success.

With the 2016 lesson, Biden and Harris traveled those territories several times. He appealed to his middle-class origins, a man born in Pennsylvania who had an unemployed father for several months. In addition, both appealed there to African American electorate (important in cities like Detroit and Milwaukee).

The count could take several days. A group of Observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) sent to monitor the transparency of the elections, did not detect irregularities.

“Unfounded allegations of systematic deficiencies, especially by the president and on election night, damage public confidence in democratic institutions,” he said. Michael Georg Link, mission leader. The agency sent 102 observers.

Washington, correspondent


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