Top WWE star to be out for 3 yrs after successful surgery… Details


As we’ve already covered, a WWE Raw star is undergoing neck surgery, and it’s not sounding good for how long it’s going to keep him out for.

Ivar suffered an injury during a match on Raw on September 7. On a dive to the outside, his head collided awkwardly with Bobby Lashley’s shoulder, and he held up the “X” signal and the match was ended early.

With Ivar having a history of neck issues, the company didn’t want to take any risks and so he’d have surgery on September 15 in Birmingham, Alabama.

However, as per, that surgery is seemingly going to keep him out of action for at least a year, meaning it’ll likely be late 2021 at the earliest when he’s ready to return.

It remains to be seen what this means for Ivar’s tag partner Erik. He had a singles match against Bobby Lashley last night, which he lost, and WWE has a history of not using one half of a tag team when the other is injured – see Revival, AOP, etc. wishes Ivar the best in his surgery and a safe recovery.


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