WWE’s Lana Rants nudity post deleted from Instagram


“Your post goes against our Community Guidelines on nudity or sexual activity”.

Instagram really didn’t appreciate Lana posting a photo of her and Rusev with a racy caption about having sex in Bulgaria’s Black Sea. They also didn’t like her adding that she and her hubby had once got busy on the tank Rusev used during his entrance at WrestleMania 31 in 2015 either.

The website removed the offending post for breaching in-house rules about “nudity or sexual activity”.

Lana pushed back at the social media giant for removing her picture – she blasted Instagram for allowing her “to get bullied by so many people on here”, but discriminating against “real love”. The WWE star also credited TikTok for ‘at least apologising for being prejudice’.

Shots fired.

Insta’s “Community Guidelines” moderate things they believe the wider audience might be “sensitive” towards or wouldn’t want to see plastered all over their feeds. It seems logical that they deleted Lana’s post because of the caption, not the otherwise-innocent image of her and her man cuddling on holiday.

Lana pointed out that the website fails to censor “95%” of other “explicit content”, and doesn’t think it’s fair that she was targeted.