Reactions as lady rejects Gwagon from boyfriend because of the colour(video)


Many social media users have been left in shock as there was a video uploaded by mediagist on Instagram currently trending which captures the moment a lady rejected her boyfriend’s GWagon car gift because of the colour.

It was reported that the Boyfriend bought a GWagon which was worth N66.6 million just to surprise her. He also decorated the GWagon with red ribbons before showing it off to her.

He actually thought he was surprising her. He even covered her eyes with a cloth and led her to the place where the GWagon was parked. Upon seeing the ride, the lady burst into tears and rejected the gift, saying she doesn’t like colour.

Her lover was left in shock over what she said because he wasn’t expecting her to reject such an expensive gift.

This is really surprising because no one would probably reject such an offer at this moment. Maybe she has her reasons because so far it’s a GWagon, I don’t see why she would reject such an expensive gift.

See the post below;


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