Easy psychological tricks to use on people


I use this trick all the time when someone yells at me on the phone:

Be completely silent.
Don’t ignore them. Talk to them when they talk to you. But when they are talking to you, don’t say anything. Be absolutely silent. No “mmm”, no “Uh-huh”. Nothing, don’t give them subconscious comments.

Human beings naturally try to get feedback from each other in a conversation – the other person will start to feel that something is wrong. It usually deflects them and they stop yelling or cursing and just tend to let you know what they really want.

It is by far the best way to shut someone up without being rude. It works face to face as well, but you should avoid waving your hands, nodding, or other subconscious behavior.

Do you want one person to think that not everyone likes him? Just say, “I just want you to know that I personally have no problem with you being at this party.”

When I know someone really doesn’t like me, or doesn’t care about me, I’ll just ask them to do me really little favors. Like pass me salt, pass me a drink or some other really small and easy task. When they do that, I express my gratitude and tell them that they really helped. People generally observe themselves and always try to make sense of what they do. By helping you, you are unconsciously changing your opinion from negative to positive.

It’s not really a gimmick, but here it goes: I have a habit of acting like everything is fine when it really isn’t. I don’t do it to annoy people on purpose, but it does have that effect. I once had a boss yell at me, I kept sipping my coffee and that really triggered it. I really didn’t do anything wrong.

Wanting to give someone a feeling of power without giving them power: When you are talking to someone and you feel that they are not paying attention to you, stop and ask if you have permission to continue talking, you will have their full attention because now they are listening to you, it is their own choice.

Wanting someone to feel uncomfortable: Just look at their shoes, don’t give up and keep looking at them until they go crazy. Many people will feel like they are under scrutiny.

Wanting someone to love you: You start a new school or job, if you want someone to love you, in your office or in your class, just ask them if they can explain something to you. It doesn’t matter if you already know the answer.

Wanting to correct someone without correcting them: You can draw attention to someone’s mistake without accusing them by simply changing your words, instead of saying “You didn’t close the window before you left” you can say “The window was left open all night”


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