Trending 3 Ankara style to consider for an owanbe party


There is something you can’t take from Nigerians and that is the owambe spirit. Coronavirus can’t stop what? Can’t stop our ‘shine.’ With the current coronavirus crisis, one would think that there are no more Ankara styles or wedding guests. However, pictures have been popping on social media.

There are different beautiful Ankara styles; could be for your owambe and you can decide to take a picture of you rocking that Ankara, post on your social media and take off the cloth. Do you have those new Ankaras, then you have to step on our necks:

The puffed shoulder dress
We thought the puffed shoulder style was no longer in vogue, but it came back with a new bang. This time, the puffed hand style is making huge waves and it gives you an elegant look. Whatever you do, just don’t sleep on this style.

Puffed Shoulder Lace Styled Dress Image Keerahsfashioncave

Mismatched Ankara
Yes! Match those Ankaras differently and see the beauty that will emerge. You will not only turn heads when you pass, you will also move hearts because people must fall in love with your sense of style. So when in doubt, just speak with your designer and let them do the magic.

Rutie_B In Mismatched Ankara

Slit it out
Slit that skirt or gown way to your thighs. Show that leg girl! When you keep the upper part simple and the slit long, it is always classy. When you are done slaying that style, we will all beg you to take it easy on us because we might just crown you the queen of fashion. Just make sure you keep the upper part simple so it does not become clumsy with so many styles at once.

High Slit Ankara Image Toke Makinwa

These three styles are always beautiful, no matter what material you sew them with. Keep it 100% with these styles. Rock on girl! I am rooting for you.


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