Shocking see photos of what doctors removes from a lady womb


The pictures of a Medical Doctor of a Telement Clinic, simply identified as Peter Atangwho currently trending on Twitter handle, after successfully removed a record 32kg ovarian cysts from a 24-year-old woman in Mexico City.

According to a picture of a woman, thought she was pregnant and share by the Medical Doctor on Twitter page, the Doctor disclosed that, Cysts like what he removed from the woman, can cause severe abdominal pain when they rupture, bleed, or during ovulation. Adding that, it can also cause infertility and unexpected death, as early diagnosis with surgical removal is very essential.

However, noted that, woman might think she is pregnant, therefore tell her Husband that, she is been pregnant for three or four years and has not delivered, while she is not. Adding that, It is not pregnancy but a large ovarian cyst.


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