Junko Furuta the 16 Ur old girl that got rape 44 times


Junko Furuta was a Japanese high-school student who was abducted, mercilessly tortured, brutally raped, and murdered.

The accused are four Teen boys:

Hiroshi Miyano (now Hiroshi Yokoyama), Jō Ogura (now Jō Kamisaku), Shinji Minato, and Yasushi Watanabe.

Junko Furuta was born in Misato, Saitama. As a 17-year-old teenager, she was studying Yashio-Minami High School and worked as a part-time employee during after school hours. She was known to be popular and good looking, and she got lot of love proposals but she rejected all as she was not interested in any relationship and she wanted to concentrate in her studies and one day, a boy named Miyano who had crush on her, proposed her, but she rejected it boldly and that raised a cruel vengeance against her in him, he decided to ruin her in all the possible ways. His connections with Yakuza gang caused others to have fear on him.

On 25-Nov-1988 : Miyano kidnapped Furuta by pretending him to be as an innocent passerby and made her get trust over him, then at that night he taken her to a warehouse, raped her, threatened her to kill her if she tried to escape and he got her to a hotel. From the hotel, Miyano called Minato and his other friends, Jō Ogura (now Jō Kamisaku) and Yasushi Watanabe, and bragged to them about the rape. Ogura reportedly asked Miyano to keep her, so that they could all have a turn, they raped her brutally with no mercy in there stone hearts. (These were happened when Furuta was on her way to the home, after she finished her part-time job. Under Miyano’s orders, Minato kicked Furuta off her bicycle and immediately fled the scene, then Miyano got her trust by saying I will walk you to your home safely and sadly Furuta was not aware about where Miyano was leading her to).

Around 3 :00 A.M. she was taken to a nearby park where his friends (Jō Ogura (now Jō Kamisaku), Shinji Minato, and Yasushi Watanabe) were waiting and taken her to a house in the Ayase district of Adachi, where she was gang-raped and tortured. The house was owned by Minato’s parents and that was there gang hangout spot.

On 27-Nov-1988 : Furuta’s parents in the fear of there Daughter missing filed a compliant on the police station, but sadly, she was forced to say that she had run away, but was safe and staying with a friend and was also forced to ask her mother to stop the police investigation into her disappearance.

When Minato’s parents were around, Furuta was forced to pose as the girlfriend of one of the kidnappers.

She suffered a lot after she was kidnapped by Miyano, she went through lot of pains and brutal tortures, she was even didn’t treated like a living beings, She was used for their Desires. I don’t want to list anything than a little of her sufferings in here.

More than 100 people know that she was in Miyano’s captivity, but none came forward to save her from the hell, to safeguard her from the Devils, they feared that Yakuza would kill them, if they tried anything against Miyano.

She tried to escape, but she can’t and that was all because of heartless people around there.

On 4 January 1989 : She Won her Death.

The four boys challenged Furuta to a game of Mahjong, which she is said to have won. Out of frustration, the boys beat her with an iron barbell, kicked and punched her, and placed two short candles on her eyelids, burning them with the hot wax. They made her stand, and struck her feet with a swinging stick. At this point, she fell onto a stereo and collapsed into a fit of convulsions. Since she was bleeding profusely, and pus was emerging from her infected burns, the four boys covered their hands in plastic bags taped at the wrists. They continued to beat her and dropped an iron exercise ball onto her stomach several times. They poured lighter fluid onto her thighs, arms, face, and stomach and once again set her on fire. Furuta allegedly made attempts to put out the fire, but gradually became unresponsive. The attack reportedly lasted two hours. Furuta eventually succumbed to her wounds and died that day – Wikipedia Texts.

And then, after knowing that she was dead they wrapped her body in blankets and shoved it into a travel bag. They then put her body in a 208 liters drum and filled it with wet concrete. Around 8:00 pm, they loaded and eventually disposed the drum into a cement truck in Koto, Tokyo.

On 23 January, 1989 : Hiroshi Miyano and Jō Ogura were arrested for the gang-rape of the 19-year-old woman who they had kidnapped in December. On 29 March, two police officers came to interrogate them, and on interrogating them about the Case, one of the officers doubted that they would know something about the missing case of Junko Furuta, the officers puzzled them and revealed the truth which led the officers to found the resting place of Furuta’s body and they verified the body with Furuta’s fingerprints and found that it was her.

Case Name : “Concrete-encased high school girl murder case”.

Country : Japan.

Not A Fair Judgement:

Hiroshi Miyano: 17 years in prison + 3 years, a complete 20 years of imprisonment. He was 18 years old at the time of murder.
Nobuharu Minato: 4 to 6 years sentence, was re-sentenced to 5 to 9 years by Judge Ryūji Yanase upon appeal. He was 16 years old at the time of the murder.
Yasushi Watanabe: Sentenced to 3 to 4 years in prison, received an upgraded sentence of 4 to 7 years. He was 17 at the time of the murder.
Jō Ogura: 8 years in a juvenile prison.
Acceptable Punishments for Rape Crimes: (I know it is little cruel, but…)

Genital Mutilation – Making them not them for their Sin. (Recommended with life imprisonment with regular beating sessions and tortures).

Incarcination – Burn them for their “Bad Touch”. (Not recommended, duration of the pain is more important).


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