Read this life lessons and and you will be grateful

  1. Sex is nice and fun but its overrated. Don’t deny yourself bigger life oppurtinuties because sex is on the way. Experience life and level up, sex will always be available at any point of life.
  2. We care so much about how we look and focus so much time on our little insecurities while in-fact nobody even notices it and if they do they don’t care.
  3. Karma doesn’t exist or rather it doesn’t always work how we think it will. Robert Mugabe of Zibambwe lived to a ripe age of 95 still in service and living a good life even after committing all these crimes, Daniel Moi of Kenya ordered the execution of many people during his presidency, he lived for 95 yrs rich and happy family man.
  4. You really have to work really really hard to be successful. Since i’m a creative most of my friends are models, artist, photographers and creatives in many fields. I don’t see most of my friends putting in the work thats required in their various fields and i’m pretty much sure most will have to go to corporate jobs since they haven’t built a foundation for this jobs to certain them.
  5. We worked so hard in school and we were constantly told how our grades mattered now we are adults and we’ve realised none of that matters to most of us. The most important thing we ever learned are the skills that we put in use in our day to day lives
  6. Stop investing so hard into a friendship most of the time they don’t work out. People are so much work and fall out constantly. Unless you have a mutual bond with someone don’t put them in a permanent place at your heart. People spend their time in your life then they go, its just a way of life.
  7. Money is not everything its the ONLY thing. Stop listening to your religious leaders that the poor will inherit the kingdom of heaven. Thats utter bullshit. Make sure you make money a priority, its your only guarantee for a good and happy life.
  8. We will all die at some point, most of us have this idea of leaving a mark behind. Most of us won’t, and for those who did most of them didn’t plan for it, it just happened. So just live life and make sure you do it best.
  9. Not giving a fuck is the best attitude you can maintain if you are really determined in achieving something for yourself. Most of us don’t succeed because we think too much about other people. ITS YOUR LIFE, BE FEARLESS AND LIVE BY YOUR RULES.


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