Pep Guardiola, Request Apology After Euro Ban Overturn…


An initial fine of 30 million euros ($34 million, £27 million) imposed by UEFA was reduced to 10 million euros by CAS. However, the fine related only to City’s failure to cooperate with UEFA’s investigation rather than FFP breaches.

Mourinho said if they were guilty, City should be banned — but if they were innocent, they should not have to pay a penny.

“It’s a disgraceful decision, because if Man City is not guilty then to be punished with some millions is a disgrace. If you are not guilty, you are not punished. By the other way if you are guilty you should be banned so it is also a disgraceful decision. In any case the decision is a disaster,” said Mourinho.

On Wednesday, Tottenham face Newcastle, a club that could benefit from any relaxation of FFP rules should a Saudi-backed takeover be approved by the Premier League.

And Mourinho believes that in light of the City decision, any prospective new owners will not feel the need to comply with the regulations.

“I truly believe FFP is gone,” he added. “New owners will have this feeling the circus opened the door so let’s go and enjoy it.”

Klopp is hopeful that City’s participation in next season’s Champions League will help his side’s chances of retaining the Premier League.


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