50 Cent Go Hard On Lil Wayne On Latest Edition Of Young Money Radio


50 Cent at long last got to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Radio and he had some troublesome truth to impart to his companion.

He tended to specialists who go to “social safari” to become familiar with the language and the style, to act intense without having an extreme life, to introduce themselves as a major aspect of the way of life they don’t have a place with. You know, the allegations a few people make against Marshall. Fifty believes Eminem’s case is unique. He experienced childhood in this culture, yet he additionally made ready to dark hip bounce specialists who have rose to fame after him.

Being in association with Em I state this crap straightforwardly. I don’t figure you would sell 14 million records without Eminem. Since this association encourages them see how you fit into the way of life. Dark culture is Black music. At the point when you see Em, you see somebody who really developed there. At the point when you take a gander at his conditions, everyone around him is African-American.

Verification and Denaun and all pieces of D12. What’s more, when he is that screwing acceptable, at that point alright, I see where I fit. What’s more, for me, for my excursion, [when I asked] “You like hip bounce. Who do you like?” And they like, “Ugh, I like Eminem and I like… ” That was their first [answer]. Also, on the off chance that they state they like me after, I can perceive any reason why you go on to me since I am with him. What’s more, Dre. Dre would make believability in Em as an establishment. That association would mean validity. At the point when I come and I associate with it, it permits you to do [more]. See, my man, you must be 2Pac, make a twofold CD and bite the dust in the process to go down as an African-American craftsman in the hip jump culture. So when I come and do a 30-minute record for the primary collection it makes the sort of disarray you can’t accept.


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