How to reveal romantic feelings of your spouse


You can reveal the romantic feelings of anyone by just their language style: Psychologist James has spent years studying function words, which are used when only when you’re romantically interested in someone.

Couples who used similar function words (the, this, & I), Are more likely to go on date. Because You only shift, your language when you’re interested in someone .

Your selfie reveals lots about your personality: Researchers found out, the people who take pictures from below are friendlier, people who are less likely to reveal a private space in the background are conscientious.

The people who more likely to make a duck face are neurotic.
Your emotional stability is revealed by your phone addiction: Recent research reveals, if a person is emotionally stable, they’re less addicted to their phone. They also found that introverts were less likely to addicted to their phone .

Your choice of pet reveals a lot about your personality: One research found that people who prefer dogs are energetic & outgoing. While people who prefer cats are introverted, intelligent, and sensitive.


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