Gorgeous lady shares her experience how she was molested by police


It was on my way to my company’s end of the year party.

It was late at night and I was running late so I told the Uber driver to kindly take a short cut. We were almost at the venue, a club in Victoria Island , Lagos when the police men at the check point stopped us.

They flashed their torchlight on the Uber guy who gave them his Identification card as requested along with his car documents.

When they found nothing wrong with his documents, they turned their torchlight on me.

Next thing I heard was “ahhhh, madam, you wan kill person?”

I greeted the police warily, I am always wary and scared of Nigerian police, they are always trigger happy or looking for a bribe.

He told me I would be arrested for indecent exposure and prostitution if I don’t give them some money. I told them that I’m on my way to my company’s end of the year party and they said it was a lie.

They said “it’s only a prostitute that would dress like this especially at night” I wanted to tell them they had no right to question my dress choices, Instead I explained to them that I’m usually a conservative dresser but the theme of the party was ‘daring’ hence my low cut gown.

I called my boss at the time who spoke to them and assured them of my identity even though I had showed them my identification card.

I always knew my boobs would put me in trouble as they never seem to want to stay put in a dress which makes having fashion options kinda tough .


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